NGO Involved: JEPC, New Hope CCH  |  Location: Pokhara, Kaski District

Project Period: Jan 2017 – Present

Building Education currently sponsors education for about 25-30 students from JEPC Education Center. These students are all from what is known as a low-caste in Nepal and are under-privileged children that have either been orphaned, lost a parent or are earthquake victims.

Although the caste system is no longer legal in Nepal it still affects society today.
It is difficult for the parents to find job positions as the most they are offered are temporary labor jobs such as dishwashing, cleaning or other labor work.
Because they are not able to put food open the table, they do not think to educate their children thus repeating the cycle of poverty for their future family generations.

Building Education provides funding for school admissions, uniforms, materials and any type of extra tutoring that the students may need.
We send about 20 students to Janapriya Government School from the grades of Pre-Primary up until 12 Standard. In Government Schooling, the students study 7 different subjects; English, Nepali, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Computing and Arts.

Building Education sends 9 students to Private English Medium School at Holy Angel’s located in Pragatitole, the area in which they live.
These students learn all 7 subjects in English which educates them further and gives the children a better chance to a brighter future.
Because a lot of the money that is brought into Nepal is through tourism, learning English is a highly vital skill for making real change in the lives of the children.
Schooling is also very competitive in Nepal as students need high scores in order to be admitted into higher education. Learning English gives them the best advantage possible for schooling and to earn a consistent income.

There is a selection process that Building Education uses to determine which students go to English Medium or Government Schooling. While we’d love to send all our students to English Medium, the admissions and costs are high so we choose the most hard-working students that are dedicated to their studies.

We believe in supporting every child in the areas which they excel. We help by guiding them towards a future that we think they would not only enjoy but also be fulfilled financially.

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