Who do we sponsor?

  • NGOs with projects focused on educational support or improving quality of education for youth and women
  • BE creates a comprehensive education plan for students based on their various interests and performances
  • BE partners with the NGO project in creating a business plan to transform their project to 100% economically self-sufficient in the 5th year of engagement

What we support?

  • Construction of educational facilities such as schools, education centers, libraries, etc.
  • Children’s education i.e. admission fees
  • Materials related to education (school stationary, books, uniforms, book bags, shoes, etc.)
  • Construction of the infrastructure (utilities including water and electricity, internet, facilities)
  • Construction of sustainable components for a facility that can turn the project into a business-making entity (distributing water or electricity to neighboring households, farming etc.)
  • Events or conferences related to training and education, e.g., Women empowerment conferences

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