Our 5-Year Project Plan

Our aim is to transform a project to be economically self-sufficient by the 5th year of engagement. With our support and guidance, a comprehensive education and business plan will be created.


Building Education (BE) provides a full scholarship for the students in most dire need that show dedication to their studies. BE provides funding for admissions, uniforms and all materials.

BE supports the education center and/or parents of students to start a sustainability project such as farming, tailoring or any income-generating business where they can create financial stability.

Business owners receive a return on investment which will allow them to step into leadership roles and start paying 30% of education costs. BE will reduce funding to 70%. BE continues to support by providing local mentor network, entrepreneurship workshop, on-the-job training.

Business owners are in their 3rd year of business and are responsible for 70% of education costs and BE 30%. BE will continue to support and prepare the project owner in achieving economic sustainability.

Business owners are now financially independent and pay for 100% of education costs for students. BE hands over community leadership to local leaders while overseeing the project.

Our Progress Reports to You

Fund an entire school building project or sustainability project and you’ll be recognized as the official project sponsor. Here is how we keep you upddated!

Pre-Project Info:

You will receive information about the specific project you are sponsoring and receive our budget proposal.

1st Progress Update:

You receive updates for the project including any permit obtainment, hired local community, transported materials.

2nd Progress Update:

You receive update on project implementation, building schedule and notification upon the start of construction.

3rd Progress Update:

You receive an update on the completion of the project that includes a video of the hand-off ceremony.

4th Progress Update:

Follow up a few months after the completion of the project.


Our project beneficiaries include underprivileged children and women residing in Nepal’s poverty-stricken areas. We select villages lacking educational facilities and work with poor families and local communities to instill a shared vision of growth through education.

We support a poverty-ridden area called Pragatitole, located behind a bus station, where families, unable to afford housing in the nearby Pokhara city, reside. Most of the community is of low caste, consisting of orphans and earthquake victims as well. We also have projects in Southern Nepal’s Chitwan area, the rural villages home to people lacking basic necessities such as healthcare centers, operating schools, and markets. Due to this, the villagers walk for hours to the nearest main district for resources.

We plan to expand our support to the Far-Western Region of Nepal that is remote, developmentally challenged, and has limited basic services due to problems with access roads and topography.

Building Education uses a community development strategy that structures activities under three broad pillars:

Infrastructure: We provide funding for local projects that require schools, rebuilds, water, and electricity as needed.

Education: We provide education scholarships and organize empowerment conferences locally. Our conferences teach entrepreneurial skills and connect beneficiaries to local partners for on-the-job training.

Sustainability: We guide beneficiary projects into becoming economically sustainable businesses with ongoing consultation and mentorship.

Monetary support is the most direct way to help us develop the infrastructure required and to sponsor children’s education. We also welcome other kinds of sponsorship such as teaching, mentorship, and coaching to empower the people we serve in the communities.

Throughout the year, interested partners submit project plans with projected costs, and our program’s finance and designated project team examine these closely to ensure they are accurate and reasonable. Project costs can vary greatly depending on technology, business model, and partner organization. Based on the analysis of costs in previous and upcoming project sponsors, education sponsorship for a child in Nepal is about $600, and that a range of $10,000 – $15,000 is the most representative of a typical sustainable project.

We impose a stringent project selection process to ensure that the objectives align with our goals and mission. Our aim is to transform a project to be economically self-sufficient by the 5th year of engagement. With our support and guidance, comprehensive education and a business plan will be created.

Yes, definitely. If you wish to sponsor a particular project, you can take a look at the current projects we are working on under the “Project” page. From there, you can click on “Sponsor the project” to vouch for a specific cause.

If you are interested in only sponsoring an element of the project, you can navigate to the “Donate” page to provide financial support to our children.

All the funds we receive will be allocated and used up within a year. You will receive a report throughout the year to notify you of the progress of the project and how your fund is being allocated.

Yes. At Building Education, we accept sponsorship of all types, including in-kind, services, and promotional partners. Some donations we have received before other than financial sponsors include books, stationaries, clothing for the children.

We hope to also receive support in services like professional consultation (legal and accounting), photography or videography, and even fundraising efforts from partner organizations.

If you’re interested to support us, please fill in the contact form to get in touch!

Building Education works in some of the poorest and most challenging countries in the world because that’s where the need is greatest. Naturally, despite our best efforts to meet your and our expectations, forces beyond our control occasionally require a change of plans. The list of uncertainties we’ve encountered is long: governments collapse, policies change, roads get washed out, pipes break, wells come up dry and community needs change etc.

No matter what happens, we promise that 100% of your donation will directly fund the sustainability projects. In addition to updating you about our progress, we’ll inform you if the location of your sponsored project has to change. In the unlikely event that we need to totally reallocate your funds, we’ll put them toward projects substantially similar to the one you chose to support in the first place.

When your project is in progress, you will receive a report every 3 months.

Pre-Project Info: You will receive information about the specific project you are sponsoring and our budget, the GPS coordinates, and the population served

1st Progress Update: You will receive all of the specific research for the project including any permits needed and how we hired local community members for our project

2nd Progress Update: How the project is being implemented with photos.

3rd Progress Update: The completion of the project. You can compare the before and after photos!

4th Progress Update: Follow up a few months after the completion of the project and how we’re utilizing the infrastructure we have built.


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