NGO Involved: JEPC  |  Location: Pokhara, Kaski District

Project Period: 2016

Building Education and JEPC have teamed up to create PenPal projects with students in Nepal and Spain.

Founder of BE, Wendy, used to teach English in Spain to primary and secondary students. Seeing that English is an important skill set for children all over the world, she wanted to create a project that would allow the students to find fun, engagement, and purpose in the English language.

That is when the idea of creating PenPal projects started.

She noticed that this helped students in Spain to be able to actively practice what they learn in school with a purpose. It allowed them to see how learning English is an important factor in being a world citizen and it supported them in making an impact in the world. They began to understand the value of communication.

For the students at JEPC in Nepal, it gave them the experience to communicate with foreigners at a young age in the English language. It also showed them that there were people in the world that cared about them which improved their self-esteem and worth. It motivated them to do better in school and share with their PenPals.

In the 3 different schools in which this PenPal project has taken place in Spain, the students decided to hold fundraisers themselves by creating bake sales, festivals, and marathon races.

This empowered the students in Spain to see how they directly could make an impact in the world and changed the way that they saw themselves in the world connected to Nepal.

It brought a sense of community in the world and the students voted on how they best wanted to spend the money for JEPC.

They saw firsthand how the hard work that they did brought change to the world.

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