NGO Involved: JEPC  |  Location: Pokhara, Kaski District

Project Period: 2016

After the rebuild of JEPC, Tej expressed that the village of Pragatitole did not receive daily water and often they had to travel outside to bring water to the center.

Building Education decided to team up with Tej and petition to the government to have the underground pipes extended into the village and directly to JEPC.

This project was a success as the government approved and the local community worked to dig up the grounds in order to install the new water pipes.

Building Education was able to receive funding from gracious donors so that the work could be done almost immediately.

Since then this new water pipe has supplied over 100 homes in the area with water and made JEPC a huge resource for the village where many families come to to obtain water.

Water Bearer’s then came into the picture about a year later by supplying over 100 water filters to the village creating clean drinking water for about 100 homes.

Prior to the rebuild, JEPC did not have any electricity which made studying difficult during the dark mornings and evenings. There were no fans in the hot summer and in a small room with 70 children, it was unbearable.

With support from our generous donors, Building Education was able to support in funding the electricity boxes and wires as required to extend electricity to JEPC and many neighboring homes.

JEPC now has light, a refrigerator for food, fans for hot days and even WiFi for Tej’s phone so that he can continue to communicate and work with us throughout the year.