Volunteers play a vital role in making a difference for our children!

Everyone has something to offer whether it be a skill, creating videos, fundraising, teaching, aiding in medical or dental!

Every volunteer serves a purpose whether or not it be known to them before they embark on the journey. This experience is not only transformational to the students as they learn or gain something new from you but part of the reason the program was started was to support the transformation in the volunteers. It is inevitable that while you seek to change the lives of others, your life changes in return.

Come and experience this adventure and transformation that has been waiting for you all along. Learn about a new culture, see life from another’s eyes, understand their values and fall in love with this new community that will forever be your home.

To learn more about our volunteer program, download our booklet below for a sample schedule, costs, information on visas and what to expect during your experience.

Soon-To-BE Volunteers
Soon-To-BE Opportunity
Approximate Cost Per Person

Pokhara – पोखरा
Nepal 33700