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To end the cycle of poverty through the empowerment of education


To transform all lives that touch these projects, change the way we see ourselves in the world, create leaders in the community, develop entire villages and make a difference in the world by uplifting the lives of others


Building Education saw its genesis with an idea, a shift in a belief. That belief was that every person, in their own unique way could make a difference in the world.

Building Education’s principal founder, Wendy Shew grew up in the States where she experienced her own struggles and challenges with education.  Having lost her mother when she was just 8 years old, Wendy did as so many children do who have experienced significant loss at a young age: she developed a limiting belief system.  Through her own perspective, the loss of her mother represented and reflected itself in a number of ways in how Wendy came to see herself.  Part of this adopted belief system included thoughts of inadequacy and a deep and profound sense of being incomplete.  As a result of the space created through the loss of her mother, Wendy inherently believed that she was less than everyone around her.

As limiting belief systems have a tendency to do, Wendy’s own thoughts and perspectives on how she viewed herself impacted everything she did.

In believing that she was less than and inadequate, Wendy chose to fail and perpetuated her failures through lack of effort.  The belief system inhibited her from recognizing her potential, and dimmed the light that would later shine forth.

Wendy spent years caught up in the cycle of poor self-worth and failure and after reaching her lowest point made the brave decision to confront her fears and eventually defy her restraining and limiting beliefs.

This significant decision to confront and work through her existing belief system began with a small but challenging task: she recorded the litany of things she had, up to that point, regarded as impossible and insurmountable feats.  The first item on her list, doubling as an important foreshadower, was to return to school and complete a university education.  Next up on the list, was the dream to learn to fly a plane.

Through years of fierce dedication and determination, and never relinquishing on her new found grasp on her dreams, Wendy graduated from university on the President’s List and learned to fly a plane.

Education has made a direct and profound impact on Wendy’s life; its influence changed her personal self-beliefs and it also effected how she came to see herself in the world.

When she left to India to volunteer for the first time at a girls’ orphanage, her belief systems and perspective of the world changed again.  This moment marked the shift in the belief: Wendy came to see that every person could make a difference in the world.  Making a difference in the world was something Wendy felt so passionately about, that she has devoted her life to this idea.

It was through this deep-set and heart-felt belief that Wendy continued to evolve and grow from her first steps of putting pen to paper and transcribing what she once thought was 


In October of 2014, Wendy embarked on a solo trip to a girl’s orphanage in India.  While there, the Diwali Festival of Light over Darkness happened to fall on her birthday, and as she celebrated both events, watching the fireworks from the roof of the girls’ home her own understanding of her place in the world and her desire to contribute began a transformational shift.  Wendy was able to see herself in each of the girls of the orphanage, and was struck with the realization that they were no different from herself.  Not only was there no difference between herself and the girls, Wendy also developed the humbling awareness that they were one and the same.  As Wendy has stated, her world grew that day as the idea of separation vanished, and her own individuality was part of something larger than life itself.  She had come into harmony and full-circle.

After returning home to California from her trip to India, Wendy felt that the direction her life was to take had been solidified and set.  She left her profession in the aerospace industry and dedicated her life’s work to making a difference in the lives of others all over the world.

This shift in her path first led her to a remote village in Thailand, where she taught English.  Following the devastating earthquake in Nepal in 2015, Wendy volunteered with All Hands for disaster relief which included re-building homes and schools and providing education to those affected by the earthquake.

Wendy met with people who had lost entire homes, family members and children-everything that had made them feel safe.  Feeling compelled to do more, Wendy sought out further opportunities in which she could contribute and make a difference.

It was during a trek to the Himalayan mountains where Wendy first met Tej B.K.  Betraying his own generous and self-less nature, it was through the gesture of giving his seat up for Wendy’s friend Ken with whom she was trekking that their paths’ crossed.

Tej invited both Wendy and Ken to his school which was located in the slums of Nepal.  They accepted the invitation and agreed to visit with Tej once their hiking trek was complete.  It was from this chance visit that Building Education was born.

Tej’s dedication to his students is something that has struck the many people involved with Building Education.  Tej regards the children of the community as his own, treating them as such.  For many of the children who benefit from the supports of Building Education and JEPC, poverty makes up a significant part of their daily lives.  They often live with their family in sub-standard conditions,  in small houses.  Many of the children are suffering from being orphaned, or conversely have sick parents that are unable to care for them.  Negligence and starvation are common, and there are days that some of the children do not receive food, often left to fend for themselves on the streets of the slums. 

Since the fated bus ride and chance encounter, Building Education and JEPC Education Center-Tej’s NGO school that is registered in Nepal-have worked together to rebuild the education centre that was damaged by the 2015 earthquake.  Building Education has brought clean water and electricity to JEPC, making it one of the most resourceful facilities for the community of people living in the slums.  Building Education supports to provide funding for food, education, school materials, uniforms and the medical needs of the students and all of those that reside in the poorest areas of Nepal.

Wendy sees many parallels between her own journey and that which the children of Nepal are experiencing; primarily, the many people who were present and supported her through her growth.  She has dedicated her life to doing the same for the children of Nepal.

Transformation often begins with the empowerment that is provided through education and changing the way that a child sees themselves in the world.  It starts with self-belief.

Building Education recognizes that it is not only important to teach children the fundamentals-mathematics, languages, sciences and literacy-but that we must also strive to teach them that every single one of them has a power and strength greater than their knowledge.  They must be taught that they can achieve anything they set their mind to, and perhaps most importantly, they must be taught that their compassion is strong enough to help anyone and change anything in the world.

Building Education believes that each individual is already born to take up the path of a great leader, similar to the ones that are celebrated in history.  Life is simply waiting for each of us to make that change and to share in that belief.

Leaders have the ability to empower others to make their own great changes, not only in their own lives, but in the lives of others.

This year, Building Education and JEPC’s project is to send the children of the slums to a private English boarding school.  Education in Nepal is a privilege as the costs for admissions, uniforms and books are high.  

As the children are born into the slums, they often repeat the cycle of poverty because their parents are put into the lowest caste system which makes it difficult to find work and nearly impossible to afford education, let alone feed their families.  By providing education to the children, Building Education serves to break that barrier.

Attendance at a private English boarding school works to ensure the highest level of education, provided by the most qualified teachers.  Most importantly, all subjects are taught in English.  As tourism takes a vital role in the economy of Nepal, learning the English language fluently provides students with the greatest opportunities to stable employment in the future, which in turn empowers them to be the change in their own community.

Our goal is to provide 7 children admission to a private English boarding school for the 2018 school year and to hire a qualified English teacher for JEPC Education Center.

You can help.


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