3rd School Building Project

Building Education is so excited to announce that the 3rd school building project has begun for Bharang National School.

Bharang National Primary School, it is located in the Southern Chitwan Hills of Nepal up 6,000 feet. It hosts grades Nursery to 6th grade and will be increasing to 7th grade after the rebuild. There are currently 226 students that go to this school and 218 belong to the Chepang community, known as the poorest of poor in Nepal, a highly marginalized indigenous Tibeto-Burman group. Their greatest challenges consist of food insecurity, access to water, healthcare, education, and government representation. Less than 10% are literate in the Nepali language and only 1% of females in this group know how to read and write. This school is a 3 classroom rebuild and will include desk benches as well as a playground.

If you ever wonder what it takes to build a school in Nepal, it starts with transporting cement and sand by truck up 6,000 feet on a mountain. This is the Chitwan Hills in South Nepal. Then, after materials arrive it is carried manually utilizing bags or baskets with head and neck strength.

In all of building Education’s projects, we leverage support from the beneficiary communities (parents of the children) as this is their donated labor.

It also helps to create a community buy-in and supports sustainability of the school if they have skin in the game.

They have added stones that were previously missing from this school and now cement is being plastered on the walls.